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  • Web Hosting: The Most Common Problems When Migrating Websites
    Answer: We at ByteHouse strongly recommend that you test out any websites that have been migrated from previous providers whilst it is still in dev mode. ...
  • Web Hosting: Why my FTP client refuses to list files after logging in ?
    Answer: After initial authentication, FTP can work in 2 different modes called passive FTP & active FTP. Generally, passive FTP is the default method to access ...
  • Web Hosting: Steps to use FileZilla FTP client
    Answer:     DownloadFileZilla client from the link “” and install it in your computer. Enter the domain name in the address field (you can also use the server's IP address) Enter ...
  • Web Hosting: Steps to configure email account in Thunderbird
    Answer: 1) Open Thunderbird. 2) Click the 'Tools' menu, and select 'Accounts.' 3) Click 'Add Account'. 4) Enter your name as you would like it to appear in the ...
  • Web Hosting: Steps to configure mail account in Windows Live Mail
    Answer: 1) Open Windows Live Mail client on your desktop computer. Click on "accounts" which is on the toolbar.   2) Click on the icon 'Email' and perform ...
  • Cloud VPS Servers: FTP using Filezilla
    Answer: FTP using FilezillaFileZilla installation on Windows1. Download filezilla for windows from: After the download of the correct package, execute the package.3. The License Agreement ...
  • Web Hosting: Steps to add rules in Plesk firewall
    Answer: 1. Log in to Plesk. 2. Select "Extensions" under "Server Management". 3. Select 'Firewall" under "Extensions Management". 4. Select the "Edit Firewall Configuration" icon at the top of ...
  • Web Hosting: How to connect Microsoft Outlook Express to POP/IMAP Email for Exchange Accounts
    Answer: How to connect Microsoft Outlook Express to POP/IMAP Email for Exchange AccountsBelow detailed instructions are listed on how to connect to POP/IMAP Email for Outlook ...
  • Cloud VPS Servers: Steps to Configure Additional Port for SMTP Connections on Postfix
    Answer: If you are looking to configure an additional port for SMTP connections on Postfix, here are the steps you should follow:  The following process applies to ...
  • Web Hosting: How to Set Up Firewall Rules in Plesk
    Answer: How to Set Up Firewall Rules in Plesk1. Login to plesk panel2. Select 'Extensions' Under 'Server Management' from the left menu.3. Click on 'Firewall' link.4. ...

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